Your Wheel alignment Calgary Specialists

Ensuring that your vehicle's wheels are aligned properly should be a priority for you. If your vehicle requires a wheel alignment you might notice uneven wear on your tire which can eventually lead to your vehicle pulling to the right or left while driving. If you neglect to get a wheel alignment service you may potentially run into suspension and steering issues, this is because the wheels out of alignment will put excess stress onto your tires and mechanical parts. You should never neglect the need for a wheel alignment, just like an oil change it is a very detrimental service for your vehicle. If you begin to notice your vehicle pulling in a certain direction while driving or a vibrating sensation in your steering wheel, get in touch with our team so we can help perform an alignment check on your vehicle.

Our team in NE Calgary AB will help get your vehicle driving in a straight line in no time. When it comes to wheel alignments there are three things to keep in mind, caster, toe, and camber. Caster measures the angle of your wheel's pivot, this affects your suspension. Toe measures the difference between the tyre and centerline of your car and Camber measures the perpendicular offset from the road surface.