5 Possible Reasons Why a Steering Wheel Could Shake

Owning a car is a fun experience because you can get anywhere in comfort, despite the constant maintenance. However, a car is not without its faults because it can also experience various issues. One such example is a shaking steering wheel.

A shaking steering wheel can be a major inconvenience because it can cause you to be more visually occupied and become distracted while driving. The steering wheel will shake, particularly when driving at high speeds. Before you can fix the shaking steering wheel, you must first understand why your steering wheel is shaking in the first place.

There are several possible reasons, some of which are more serious than others. We’ll discuss these reasons in this article, so read on below to get started.

#1 – There Are Issues with the Tire Alignment

The most common reason your steering wheel may be shaking is due to issues with the tire alignment. As you might know, the tires are constantly moving around the car to be driven comfortably.

They are constantly moving around to find their equilibrium, and the front tires are susceptible to any changes. If the tires are not in their original alignment, the rubber will face severe stress and possibly damage. You can tell that your tires are misaligned if you are shaking when you are moving at slow speeds.

#2 – Tire Balancing Issues

Another common reason your steering wheel is shaking is tire balancing issues. As the name implies, tire balancing is used to even out the weight distribution on your tires. This is useful because it allows your tires to react uniformly to the road.

When the weight distribution on the tires is unbalanced, the tires will be more sensitive to the wheel’s movement, causing it to shake. You can do your own tire balancing at home or have a professional do it for you.

#3 – Problems with the Suspension

As you may know, the suspension is what keeps your tires in touch with the ground. Your suspension is capable of absorbing the shocks from the road so that your tires can move around freely, but it can also be the source of your shaking steering wheel.

If the suspension is damaged or not working correctly, your tires will not even out the pressure on your steering wheel. This can cause your steering wheel to shake when driving at high speeds.

#4 – The Brake Rotors Are Warped

Warped brake rotors aren’t necessarily a serious issue and can generally be fixed by replacing your brake rotors. However, this is something serious if it happens before you start driving.

A warped brake rotor can cause you to lose control of your car and put you and your passengers at risk of being seriously hurt. If you suspect your brake rotors are warped, then you should stop using your vehicle before it gets worse.

#5 – The Brake Calipers Are Stuck

Like the warped brake rotors, problems with your brake callipers are also not that serious but can still take control of your steering out of your hands.

If your brake callipers are stuck, they will expel the fluid in your brake cylinders. This will send your brakes into the pedal, which will cause the brakes to become stuck on. This is both inconvenient and unsafe, so you should make sure that your callipers are working correctly at all times.


A shaking steering wheel is something easy to fix. However, it can be an annoyance to deal with because it can distract you from driving. Make sure that you understand why your steering wheel is shaking before you start driving so you can fix your car as soon as possible.

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