How Frequent Should You Get Vehicle Inspections?

Because your vehicle is an investment, you, like most drivers, should take good care of it. This may make you wonder how frequently you should have your car serviced. Having your vehicle inspected does not guarantee something is wrong, but it is a good approach to ensure that important components are working properly. 

In the long term, regular vehicle maintenance protects you, your passengers, and your wallet. While most experts agree that you should consult your owner’s manual for a recommended maintenance schedule whenever possible, the frequency you get your automobile serviced may not be as straightforward. 

Various criteria will influence what is helpful to each particular driver. The following are some of the factors that can influence the frequency of your car inspections, including a wheel inspection:

How Old Is Your Automobile? 

You may already have vehicle maintenance reminders built in if you have a recent vehicle. 

In a newer car, the in-vehicle maintenance system will consider your driving habits and notify you via your dashboard when servicing is required. This feature may not be available in older vehicles. And as you become older, you gain road experience. 

An older vehicle may have greater wear and tear, making it more prone to mechanical problems. Owners of older vehicles should get their vehicles evaluated at every oil change and whenever they notice any strange symptoms.

Each car makes, and model has its own set of servicing recommendations from the manufacturer. Depending on whether you’re driving in typical or severe conditions, they’ll make different maintenance suggestions. 

If you’re traveling in a climate with harsh weather, the conditions could be called severe. Short travels with a lot of stop-and-go can quickly wear out your vehicle. 

Finally, any vehicles pulling or transporting large goods. These factors may point to the need for a more aggressive servicing schedule. However, if you drive in normal conditions, you should maintain your vehicle regularly.

It’s advisable to stick to a routine traveling in normal or severe weather. Regularly servicing your vehicle can lead to poor handling, mechanical issues, and decreased fuel efficiency. While driving under normal conditions, your motor oil should be changed every 5,000 to 7,000 miles.

On the other hand, brake flushes should be done every two years. Has your vehicle been evaluated by a mechanic at least once or twice a year as a matter of thumb? This will assure the completion of all major and minor services. Regular inspections such as wheel inspection services in Calgary allow you to stay on top of any problems.

Mileage-Based Maintenance

As previously stated, car maintenance schedules are largely defined by the vehicle’s mileage. This is especially crucial for older vehicles, which lack automated reminders built into the dashboard and electrical sensor system (more on that in a moment).

Of course, mileage-based maintenance regimens differ depending on the make and model of your car, so it’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

It’s worth noting that mileage-based service schedules are calculated assuming that the vehicle is driven in average conditions. A modified maintenance schedule may be required if your vehicle is driven under unusual situations and driving patterns. Maintenance is affected by special driving situations such as:

  • High hauling or heavyweights regularly
  • Driving in cities, particularly stop-and-go habits
  • Severe weather; climates that are excessively hot, cold, or dusty
  • Short journeys of 5 miles or less regularly

Mileage is a great marker for maintenance, but it’s not the only indicator that your car is due for a service. If you’re unsure what your maintenance schedule should be, reach out to an auto mechanic you trust for your Audi, Porsche, BMW, or Mercedes.


A typical routine vehicle inspection will be bumper to bumper and will include a brief assessment of each system to ensure that all functioning parts are in good working order and all fluids are topped off and clean. Additional diagnostics and wheel inspection services may be required if an issue is discovered. You can consult your car’s owner’s manual for more details on when your vehicle should be inspected.

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