What Should a Car Safety Inspection Cover?

Before buying a used car, potential buyers should take into consideration three things: upkeep, history, and inspections. If a car has been maintained properly, records of those repairs exist, and you can see proof that it was not just driven off the lot, and if the vehicle has been inspected by an expert who can share with you what needs to be done in the near future, then that is even better.

Unfortunately, not all used cars for sale come with a safety standard certificate, but it should if it has been inspected in the last two years. Here’s a simple guide on what criteria you should look for in a safety standard certificate before buying a car.

Brakes and Steering

When a car is being inspected, the first major aspect looked into is the operation of the brakes and steering. The car should come with a certificate testifying to the safety of its braking and steering. If a car has a history of braking difficulties and it has not been fixed or has been fixed incorrectly, you should be wary of buying it.

The brakes and steering should be checked for defects that could cause the vehicle to suddenly regain speed. The steering should also be checked for smooth operation and any grinding noises or signs of binding.

Suspension and Chassis

The next thing the inspector looks for in a used vehicle is suspension and chassis. The suspension has to be in good working order. The inspector should check the suspension for signs of wear and tear and if it is in need of replacement. Also, the springs and shock absorbers should also be in good condition since they are responsible for absorbing impact and controlling the ride.

The body of the car should not be cracked or have any dents or injuries. The bodywork should be in good condition with no conspicuous rusting. The chassis, whether it is the unibody or a separate frame, should be checked for cracks or damage.

Lights and Electrical Wiring

Lights and electrical wiring are included in the safety inspection and should be in good working condition. The inspector should check the body lights and the headlights for any signs of damage. One important aspect of a good electrical system is whether it is fused and whether it has a grounding wire.

Wiring and electrical equipment should be checked for signs of wear and tear and should be in good shape. There should be no exposed wires or loose wiring.

Engine and Transmission

The engine and the transmission are the two major points of interest in an inspection. The inspector should check the engine for signs of leaks, oil buildup and whether the oil levels are appropriate. They should also check the condition of the transmission for signs of leaks and smooth operation.

The exhaust system should be checked for signs of damage. The belts should be intact and free from visible damage and wear.

Safety Features

A safety feature is any mechanism that can keep the driver, passengers and pedestrians safe in the event of an accident. The airbags should be properly deployed and should not have any leaks or holes. The steering wheel, seats, and pedals should be secured to the body of the car and should not have any cracks. The seat belts should be checked for any fraying or damage. Lastly, the brakes should apply the pressure evenly on both wheels and should stop the car at a short distance. 


Car inspections are very important for sellers and buyers. The latter need to be sure that their investment is safe to avoid spending money on a car that will not last long. Sellers should ensure that the safety of the vehicle is not compromised, as that could lead to serious injury or even wrongful death.

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