Five Auto Repair Problems That Need Instant Attention

While everything in life is essential, not everything is a priority. Take a physical injury, for example. A minor scratch on your arm is vastly different from breaking your wrist. One requires soap and water; the other necessitates an immediate trip to the hospital. This same principle applies to auto repair services. A loose muffler may be annoying, but it is unlikely to damage your car or truck. A car’s air conditioner blowing hot air is also irritating, but it will not prevent the vehicle from operating. You can drive for months without a working air conditioner, and the car (unlike the passengers) would be no worse off.

However, you need to remain alert whenever these five problems arise. Read on and learn what you must do in these situations:

Busted Head Gasket

A vehicle’s head gasket seals off the combustion chamber from the engine block. A blown head gasket can cause several problems, including oil mixing with the coolant, white smoke coming from the exhaust, coolant loss, oil loss, and deteriorating engine performance. Aging engines that continue to leak coolant can burn enough coolant to seize up.

Replacing a blown head gasket is a complex operation that involves disassembly of much of the engine and can cost $1500 and at least a full day with auto repair services. This is the best course of action for ensuring your vehicle’s longevity, but if it is not reasonable for your budget, you can make some other repairs.

Engine Knocks and Rattles

When a car rattles or knocks, it’s often a sign that the engine isn’t receiving proper oil lubrication (more on oil loss at the end of this article). This can be caused by various expensive and urgent issues, such as a bad oil pump, a clogged oil line or timing chain issues. Without lubrication, the engine will seize.

A rattling sound may also be caused by a worn piston ring or faulty valve. This can lead to colossal engine damage, which becomes essential to replace soon. For example, driving with worn piston rings can cause poor acceleration, rough idling and loss of oil.

Engine Overheating

A car’s cooling system maintains an operating temperature for the engine. The temperature can quickly rise when it doesn’t work, damaging the cylinder head and other components. The best prevention method is to ensure proper coolant levels and pay attention to the temperature gauge on the dashboard. If not, this can lead to an emergency that requires a tow truck and service station appointment.

Oil Leakage

A vehicle that has oil leaking should be repaired without delay. Most oil leaks are caused by a loose oil filter, cracked seals, or gaskets anywhere along the oil line, including the oil pan, crankshaft, and timing chain cover. 

Replacing these parts and maintaining proper oil circulation can cost a few hundred dollars at a service station, but it’ll keep your car running since oil lubricates all internal components. If not, your vehicle will break down long before reaching auto repair services.

Visit Auto Repair Services Today

While addressing these problems puts a dent in your budget, these are slightly more affordable than buying a new engine or new vehicle altogether. Thus, never delay when you experience any of these mechanical issues. Bring your car to auto repair services this instant!

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