6 Regular Car Inspections That Improve Returns on Investment

Whether you’re running a courier service, car rental, or fleet arrangements for a business, regular car inspections are a must. Like any machine, an automobile must be regularly observed for wear and tear and other performance issues to run smoothly for its drivers and passengers. A vehicle that drivers like to drive and passengers enjoy to be in leads to more sales and more customers. 

The converse is also true, which is why we’ve noted these six regular car inspections that can maintain – and even improve – your business’ returns on investment.

1. Tire Pressure

The amount of air in your tires can directly affect a car’s gas consumption. A daily wheel inspection will confirm whether the air pressure is firm or a bit soft, which means it needs refilling.

The lower your tire’s air pressure, the more weight your entire chassis has to carry and the more fuel it has to burn to propel the vehicle forward. Oppositely, the higher your tire’s air pressure, the lighter the car weight is on the chassis and the lesser fuel the engine uses for acceleration.

2. Gas Consumption

A daily log of your vehicle’s trips can aid in calculating the amount of gas consumed per week. These checks can help spot other problems related to abnormal fuel consumption (such as tire pressure) or reformat the entire route so that cars spend less time in traffic and more time moving, which is better for overall fuel consumption.

3. Tire Alignment

Misaligned wheels are a detriment to any vehicle and its passengers. For starters, they wear out your tires faster and add unexpected costs to replace them. It will be much harder to turn your vehicle to the right or left since most of the weight has shifted to one side. 

Worse still is the lessened road grip wheels will have, making it extremely difficult and dangerous to drive on any surface, especially when it’s snowing.

Ensure your vehicle(s) go through wheel alignment services to prevent these risks significantly.

4. Overall Check-Ups

Car manufacturers usually set scheduled maintenance after it reaches a certain mileage or time of use. Bring the vehicle in immediately for its regular check-up when either criterion has been met. This covers the replacement of light bulbs, oil change, wheel inspection, recommendations for new wheels & tires, and other tasks to ensure the vehicle is working optimally.

Delaying these check-ups could lead your car to suffer even more costly damages that could have been prevented had the regular maintenance schedule been followed. As they say, it is best to nip them in the bud.

5. Insurance Revisions

While not part of your physical vehicle, per se, updating your insurance policy along with your regular car check-ups protect your business, drivers, and passengers from costly expenses such as total or partial vehicle replacement, hospitalization, and legal services!

Depending on your plan, the policy you get can cover some or all of the concerns mentioned above. While costly now, it saves you millions of dollars and gives you more peace of mind, especially if you happen to get involved in a significant accident.

Regular car inspections also ensure your insurance provider you are a safe driver who qualifies for the maximum benefits they can offer.

6. Battery Checks

The worst thing that can happen on the road is for the car battery to die and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Inspect the battery’s charge daily with a voltmeter, observing its energy reduction.

In Closing

Your business success is directly connected to the health and maintenance of your automobiles. These regular inspections keep the car, your business, and your income stream continually running. All you need to do is apply them daily and watch as your employee and customer satisfaction increases together with your bottom line. 

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